Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is coming!

Well, hopefully! Kids are getting restless and want to go outside! Even in the winter, as long as everyone has hats and boots and gloves, kids should be able to get a few minutes of outside play time. This is hard when not everyon has winter weather clothing, but as it's almost March, hopefully all that winter stuff can be put away!

I've noticed that kids are always playing 'Robot' and 'Lava'. I played those when I was a kid! It's funny how those games are just hanging out in a kids brain somewhere until they get the chance to play it. I'm a big fan of Red Rover and Red Light Green Light. Older kids can even play Simon Says without any adult help. I'm so looking forard to getting outside!
We're also hoping to plant a garden this spring so we can watch things grow and have yummy veggies to eat for snack as well!

(how awesome does this playgound thing look?!)

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