Monday, March 22, 2010

grown ups are magic

“A Drink in the Night” by Deborah Garrison:

My eyes opened
at once for you were standing
by my side, you’d padded
in to ask for a drink in the night.

The cup was—-where?
Fallen down, behind?
Churning in the dishwater, downstairs?
Too tired to care, I cupped
my hand and tipped it
to you. You stared, gulped,
some cold down your chin.
Whispered, “Again!”

O wonder. You’d no idea
I could make a cup.
You’ve no idea what
I can do for you, or hope to.
You watched, curious and cool,
as I cupped some up
to my own lips, too,
then asked,
“Why does it taste better?”

found this poem, and it made me think of how children have to be taught so many things that we, as grown ups, take for granted. I quickly tied a pair or tricky shoes the other day and the child asked me, full of wonder, "How did you do that?!". It's amazing the things we teach children everyday.

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