Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer time!

I've been pretty busy at work this summer...not teaching, but taking on many other responsibilities! Today, I took a group of kids to our local art museum! They have an awesome family center, were we went and made cool animal puppets! We also walked around and talked about Mummies, Van Gogh, medieval art, Jackson Pollock and sculptures. The kids were well behaved, were interested and asked some really good questions. I'm hoping their parents will take them up there again soon! I'm amazed at all the great local things we have that none of the parents take advantage of. I hope that this summer, you take the kids in your life to an art museum, natural history museum (which kids LOVE) or some other place where they can explore and learn!

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  1. Happy days! could have shared few pics or videos? anyways thanks

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